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Protecting your 2nd with the 1st!

Why join the N2AA?
The primary goal of the N2AA is to bring supporters of the 2nd amendment together in a world which is constantly trying to tear us apart. We plan on doing this by leveraging the 1st amendment in a couple of different ways.

While Facebook, Twitter and other major social media networks continue to flex their anti-gun stance to the world, we've decided to build the world's first pro-gun social media network and bypass their censorship all together. At the N2AA, gun talk and trade is not looked down upon or shadow-banned, it is encouraged and rewarded with a new type of crypto-currency called 2ACoin (ARMS).

What is 2ACoin (ARMS)? Think of it as internet Gun Money, and it's value will be determined by the network of users who use it. Want to get involved?

Join us and lets make the 2nd amendment future proof.

2A Crypto Stronghold

Become a stronghold for the promotion and protection of the 2nd amendment by acquiring and maintaining a diversified portfolio of crypto assets to be used to protect the 2nd amendment in the new crypto economy.

Enrich our members

The cryptocurrency revolution has and is still making millionaires every day.  We don’t want second amendment supporters to be left behind. Join us, collect 2ACoin, empower the 2nd amendment, enrich yourself.

Educate & Inform

The 2nd amendment community is behind the times when it comes to the digital revolution. We aim to change that by providing our members with thought-provoking articles & uncensored discussions with other members.

ARMS Rewards

The N2AA gives members ARMS Rewards for participating in the community we have built. Post images, videos, news articles, join a group, even private messages with your friends, all earns you rewards. Cash these rewards out for actual 2ACoin (ARMS) at any time.

2A Meets Blockchain

Bring the 2A community to blockchain.  Many types of applications/software can be built on the 2ACoin (ARMS) blockchain. We will strive to find and bring the right developers to our eco-system and make 2ACoin (ARMS) as strong as our resolve to protect the 2nd amendment.

Spend your ARMS

2ACoin (ARMS) is a currency and can be spent on a increasing number of items on the N2AA Marketplace and a rapidly growing group of firearm related companies and groups. Where can you spend your ARMS? Check out the list.

Create a Profile

Upload your cover and profile image, tell the 2A community a bit about yourself and post some gun pictures! Guns are NOT banned here!

Find Friends

Even better, bring some of yours. User signup referals are rewarded with ARMS, the crypto-currency of the 2nd amendment.

Organize Groups

Start a public, private or secret group for you and your friends to join. Keep your gun groups away from facebook, who is actively working against the 2nd amendment.

Private Messages

Better than pot shots into the air and morse code, keep your friends close with private messages.


Sell and buy guns from other members on our marketplace for Bitcoin, Litecoin and 2ACoin.  Become a bazaar overload on the gun marketplace build for the 21st century economy.

Mine & Earn ARMS

Earn ARMS Rewards just for participating in the community. Mine ARMS while browsing the website with a click of a button.