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  • Testing upload of 40MB video

  • Just me and @guns participating in more shenanigans.

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  • Been a while, I am looking for someone in the Rolla area to do camouflage painting of rifles? I have an AR that I want spray painted with the OCP multicam design. If you do, how much would it be?

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  • I call this direct targeted marketing.

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    n0klu and Profile picture of Peter StevPeter Stev are now friends

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  • COVID has slowed down the development and made it very quiet around here!

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    • There’s been some development behind the scenes. @ericchuddy has developed the N2AA Replay server which downloads youtube video and plays them from our server if youtube deletes them. He has also developed an image and video compression server which which compresses images and video uploaded to the website. He is currently working on the ARMS…Read More

  • Gonna liven things up a bit here today. I’m in FB jail yet again and need to dump memes somewhere. 😂

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