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2ACoin (ARMS)

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2ACoin is designed and developed to support the American Right to “Keep and Bear Arms” as set forth in the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights established on December 15, 1791. To meet this goal, 2ACoin includes a pre-mine of 10% of the total available coins (1.791 million ARMS) that will be awarded to the Individuals & Organizations that best support your 2nd Amendment Rights. Award recipients are voted on by the 2ACoin community and the top 2 entries each receive 89,500 ARMS. The 2ACoin ARMS Awards are awarded yearly until the year 2028.

2ACoin as a crypto-currency has a fast block time of just 90 seconds with a limited Total Coin Supply of 17.91 million coins. Designed to be ASIC resistant, 2ACoin uses Cryptonight-Chukwa as its algorithm to ensure the privacy of its holders.

More about details about 2ACoin can be found on the 2ACoin website –

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