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  • So about social distancing – living alone, not being a social butterfly and only having a few friends I’ve been kinda social distancing myself for quite some time now 🙂 But I can say I miss just running to the store for nothing in particular and seeing/hanging out with my gun show family. Be safe everyone and if you need someone to talk to just…Read More

    • Living in the sticks I’m bout as social distancing as I can git. I see more critters than ppl. Got a old fox that comes up bout twilight every evening to eat from the cat pan. Neighbor saved a young doe tangled in a fence. Made a pet out of it, she had a fluorescent orange collar on. She’d come over in the evening & the wife had a apple fer her.…Read More

      • Since I’m in the city there’s no real wildlife around. That’s awful about the deer, that “hunter” was an idiot and will have judgement handed down on him.

  • Self isolation home remedy:
    One magazine, three times daily, for 12 days

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